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Walking and cycling in beautiful Southern Limburg


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Southern Limburg landscape

When you think of Zuid-Limburg, you think of extensive walking areas, large tracts of woodland and expansive meadows. The countryside of this upland region is just asking to be discovered. But the various towns also offer excellent green lungs in their parks and gardens. Is it going to be a visit to Sittard, Heerlen or Kerkrade, a walk across the Brunssummerheide or a look around in one of the many parks and gardens? In Zuid-Limburg you can enjoy the scenery throughout the year in a region that looks almost alien to the rest of the Netherlands.

The valleys of the rivers Geul and Gulp are among the most beautiful landscape features in the Netherlands. We, in Zuid-Limburg, have already known this for a long time, but now the Stichting Natuur en Milieu (The Netherlands Society for Nature and Environment) has awarded no less than five stars to our most beautiful part of the Netherlands. The stars were awarded for the perceptional value, the ecological value, cultural-historical value, opportunities for nature recreation and the unique character of the region. The guests too cannot stop talking about the area: "highly authentic" and "a top-class region!" are just some of the reactions from visitors when they are confronted with the gorgeous views, the sunken lanes, the timber-framed farms and the rippling waters of the Geul and Gulp.